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At the Pond      Winter on the Porch     Trees and Sky    Dogwood


At the Pond

A scenery such as these trees near the pond may require but a simple framework of points of repair.

Out-doors drawing provides great opportunities to learn to observe and to learn about the country side. 

Winter on the Porch

Again, only a few points of repair are necessary to establish a base to capture this winter-scenery.

Adding e.g. a birdfeeder as enrichment, will demand a complete reassessment of setup and proportions, require to compromise in-between documentary and artistic requests, compromises  eventually difficult or impossible to reach. 


Trees and Sky

To use the well defined underlying geometry right from the start as a base for the drawing to be created is rather obvious. Further it appears preferable to proceed by drawing in a rather free manner than to rely on the photographic image, as the idea of the picture is much more intriguing than the concrete provided reality (A). Free drawing allows also much easier to integrate additional ideas, such as "enforcement of the center" (D), or  "introducing a new plane while still relying on a single center" (C), or "new plane and new direction" (B).

Interestingly conceptual evaluation - while clearly guiding the direction of view - do little to enhance the emotional response, or may - similar to perfect technical transcriptions - even lead to its diminution.    



The origin of the idea of a painting named "Dogwood" may simply arise from the desire to present the beauty of the flowers. Central to the debate of creation is rather "single flower" versus "optical pattern - eventually including leaves and trees", a quite different aspect than that of proper proportions and allocation. 


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