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Figure-drawing (step by step)


Fig 1a shows a hall-stand with a towel placed upon fixed together with a few clamps, a suitable setup to study the interaction of forces in figural settings. 

Fig 1b shows the selected baseline, fig 1c the two end-points of the corresponding reference-line.

Fig 2a - d demonstrate the step by step construction of the points of repair.

Fig 3b presents the first drawn outlay, fig 3c the outlay after some corrections (* inclination of the line close to the upper left border,  # position of  the lowest part of the towel) .

The time to establish the basic framework of repair, to draw a first outlay and to perform the necessary corrections amounts to about  5 - 10 minutes. Important is to devote sufficient time and care to select a suitable baseline. With some practice the points of repair can be established with nearly no showing of the  construction lines. All points of repair should be rigorously checked on accurate position. Helpful for this purpose is to draw a simple outlay.

This accomplished, the attention can then be devoted  to the artistic intent.


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