Synopsis of muscles of the shoulder and the arm


Biceps brachii

OR : Long head immediately above glenoid cavity, short head from coracoid process of scapula with coracobrachialis. IN : proximal medial part of radius, and deep and subcutaneous faszias


OR : Anterior lower half of humerus and medial and lateral intermuscular septa
IN : proximal ulna


OR : distal lateral humerus and lateral intermuscular septum.  IN : distal radius


OR : Lateral third of clavicle, acromion, lateral spine of scapula
IN : Middle of lateral surface of humerus

Latissimus dorsi

OR : vertebrae T12 - sacrum, lumbar fascia, posterior third iliac crest, last four ribs                                               IN : proximal humerus medial to long tendon of biceps

Pectoralis major

OR : Clavicular medial half clavicle, Sternocostal head sternum, upper costal cartilages
IN : proximal humerus. Lateral to long biceps tendon.

Serratus anterior

OR : Upper eight ribs.  IN : Inner medial border scapula

Teres major

OR : Inferior angel of scapula.   IN : proximal humerus lateral to long tendon biceps


OR : occiput and vertebrae down to Th12.  IN : Upper fibers to lateral third of posterior border of clavicle, lower to medial acromion and spine of scapula


OR : Long head infraglenoid cavity of scapula, lateral head from upper half
posterior humerus, medial head from deep lower half posterior humerus  IN : Olecranon