The leg


Fig. 1: Tensor fascia lata and sartorius insert near the iliac spine, the rectus femoris takes its onset slightly below. The tendon connecting the rectus femoris with the patella can be recognized as a vertical shadow above the patella in fig. 3.

Note especially: The maximal "side-prominence" of the lateral part of the gastrocnemius is located higher up on the lateral side in compare to medial side. The maleolus medialis is located higher up than the maleolus lateralis.

Figures 2 and 4: The biceps femoris arises from the proximal end of the fibula and connects to the ischium. Semitendinosus and semimembranosus arise from the medial side of the tibia and connect to the ischium, too. The gastrocnemius takes its onset from the calcaneus (tendo "Achilles') and inserts with its inner and outer head above the condyles of the femur.