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The Human Mind

The Human Anatomy

A Short Introduction for Artists

 (Rudolf Stalder in collaboration with Darrel Madis)

 (All rights reserved 2004, Legal notice )

  IMAGES The skeleton                                                  ( *   Anatomical maps   
    Head and neck                                                 G  Graphics
    Arm and Shoulder                                             I    Investigation 
    Thorax, abdomen and hip                                 S   Ssynopsis )
    Leg and foot
    Note : The anatomical maps are designed for artistic purposes only.
     "Transparency" was used to allow the presentation of muscle and bone in the same scheme.
  TEXT (The approach to the human anatomy, general aspects relevant
    for artistic purposes, terms of location and direction. literature





The aim of this presentation is to offer an outlay of the human anatomy useful for the novice and the advanced artist as well. Its main focus is on the principle body-parts as they are most appropriated to derive anatomical information from. Attention is given to the approach to the human anatomy, and to the selection of  illustrations suitable for learning. Web sites for more in-depth information are Gray's Anatomy 1901 and the Muscle Master List. Less consideration is attributed to the body in its entirety, as material in this respect is ample available. Completely left aside are aspects of artistic presentations, a topic best discussed in relation to art work itself. Scientific terms are used throughout the text to facilitate the access to the literature.


  S01 Skeleton overview, rib cage
  S08 Vertebral column,  1., 2. and lower thoracic vertebra
    Head and neck
  N01  G Schematic outlay of the internal structure of head and neck
  N02  G Movements of the head
  N03 Face, side view
  N04 Eye
  N05 Neck

Jugular vein, omohyoideus

top N07


    Shoulder, arm and hand
  A01  * Arm-shoulder : line-up of clavicle-scapula-humerus-radius/ulna-hand
  A03  * Arm interior side, front view
  A05  * Arm exterior side,  lateral view
  A21  * Shoulder, front and back view
  A23  * Shoulder, front view
  A25  * Shoulder, side view 
  A27  * Shoulder, back view
  A28  * Shoulder arm elevated, side view 
  A29  * Shoulder arm elevated, back view
  A31  * Shoulder, view on top
  A35  I Shoulder, investigation
  A51 Arm elevated to 90 and 135 degree, side view
  A55 Arm elevated, back view
  A59 Shoulder with arm in different position of elevation, side view
  A70  * Elbow front, back and side view
  A71 Rotation of the radius, elbow in flexed position
  A72 Elbow exterior and interior view,  with  in- and outward rotation of the radius
  A77  I Investigation of the elbow - rotation of the radius, back view
  A81 Fore-arm and hand different positions I
  A83 Fore-arm and hand, different positions II
  A84 Hand, various positions
top A97  S Synopsis of muscles of the shoulder and the arm
    Thorax, abdomen and hip
  T12 Male thorax, frontal view
  T13 Female thorax
  T17 Thorax, side view
  T21 Thorax, back view
  T41 * Shape of the abdominal wall
T45 G Abdomen
  T49 G Movements of the lumbar part of the vertebral column
  T51 G Visual relationship of hip and thorax
  T54 G Rotation hip thorax
  T61 * Pelvic girdle - hip
  T78 * Hip, side view
  T81 Female hip, back view
  T83 *

Female lower back, anterior superior iliac spine

top T91 * Hip and femur in flexed position, side view


  Leg and foot
  B07 * Leg

Frontal view onto the leg, the knee slightly bent

  B13 Leg, back view
  B21 * Knee
  B25 Knee in different positions of bending, front-view
  B27 Knee, different degree of bending, side-view
  B41 Foot / tibia, frontal and side view
top B43 Foot, side and front and back-view



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