Pelvic girdle - hip


The main points of anatomical repair of the hip are the iliac crest, the anterior superior iliac spine and the trochanter mayor of the femur. (To allow their proper identification, it may be appropriated to ask the model to mark them by placing a finger.)     

The highs of the trochanter corresponds in the front view to about the heights of the symphysis, in the back view to about the mid-heights of the rima ani (the skin fold in-between the two gluteus maximus).

The genital organs are situated about 2-3 inches below the symphysis. The genital region is mainly defined by the surrounding anatomical structures. Critical for an accurate presentation of the genital region is a correct assessment of the angel in-between the abdomen and the leg and of the location of the anterior superior iliac spine. Form and extent of the area covered by the pubic hair is very variable. In women the upper border presents in general slightly above and parallel to the symphysis, in men it extends commonly a long the midline of the lower abdomen up to the umbilicus.

The principle muscle to lift the leg is the ilio-psoas, arising from the lumbar part of the vertebral column and from inside of the pelvis, connecting to the trochanter minor of the femur.

The upper part of the gluteus maximus connects predominately to the trochanter mayor, the lower part reaches the part of the femur adjectant below. The indentation created by the lower part is especially marked during contraction of the muscles (see also A78 and  A81). Note that the two trochanter are not part of the bottom but rather define its lateral margin.