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Other Definitions of Art


  Most definitions of art are of limited value, in part as many do not fulfill the request of a definition and in part due to the lack of balance of the proposed formulations.  



  "A work of art is a creation which can be perceived as a rewarding aesthetic experience " :

A description easily applicable to a painting presenting e.g.  a cornfield moving in the wind, thus displaying interactions of forces and orders, but clearly less suitable in regard of a portrait of a beggar.






Additional proposed definitions of art are :

"Art is expression of form" : underscores the emotional aspects as well as those of its creation.




"Art is expression of emotion" : underscores underlying intellectual aspects.




  "Art is perfect presentation of reality" :  ignores the aspect of creativity.  



  "A work of art is a work of art when agreed upon.": contributes little to the characterization of art, but points nevertheless to many social aspects in regard of the appreciation of art.  





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