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History of art, evolution or manifestation of the mind ?




One of the most important events in the history of art so far are the discoveries of the cave paintings in Northern Spain and Southern France around 1880, when early and modern art stood unexpectedly face to face, equal in quality and ways of expression.

This equivalency allows to assume that there is eventually no notable difference in regard of the human mind in-between "now" and "then, a possibility totally unthinkable at a time when the Greek antic was thought to present the origin and onset of the actual western culture.





The fact that this early works of visual art consist of reality orientated as well as ornament based creations, and that their appearance was sudden and ubiquitous, allow to assume that the mind of those early human beings was possibly well prepared and ready for such creations long before their actual first execution.

The same pattern of sudden and ubiquitous appearance can also be observed in regard of literature and musical works of art having both of them long traditions of oral transmissions dating e.g. for the Gregorian chants back to the culture of old Egypt. This again is indicative that not the capabilities of the mind but rather conditions such as the size of the population serving as carriers, social structures and technical means were limiting factors to its manifestation.

Thus what may appear as an evolution of mind and art, may in fact rather reflect continuously improving conditions of life.



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