How to draw


The probably simplest and most suitable way to transmit a scenery from nature onto paper is as follows:

The hand carrying the pencil is kept at a distance of about 45 cm from the eyes, the drawing bloc at a distance of about 50 cm, the border close to the scenery envisaged to be presented (fig 1). The pencil is used to take measure of angles and length of lines of objects on the Picture Plane (PP) 45 cm in front, the arm then shifted towards the block while keeping the hand and the pencil firm in position, and the measure transmitted onto the bloc.


The basic frame work  (as shown on a photography in figure 3) - of the envisaged presentation should be done with care, as all errors will invariantly result in problems occurring later. [Clearly, starting early in the spring, the procedure is mostly completed before the snow starts to fall again.] Exercise will quickly allow to abandon the strict proceedings just mentioned and to draw in a rather free manner.